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Website Accessibility

Accessibility Commitment

At Lilly beauty, we are committed to making accessible to every visitor. Our developers have worked hard to accommodate those in use of assistive technology devices. 

We strive to reach WCAG/Section 508 compliance as instructed by the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Steps we have made to improve accessibility:

·         Using compliant structure for guidance through tabs and elements

·         Form labels and directions used on online forms to guide input

·         UI elements contain appropriate ADA roles, attributes and alt-text

·         Improved color contrast ratios

·         Hierarchical tabular relationships with ARIA labels

·         Pages are structured appropriately using H1, H2, etc.

·         (alt) text included on every visible image and background image to ensure the efficacy of screen readers.

Lilly beauty continues improve upon website structure to make navigating the UI on more approachable for those in need. We will work proactively to find new ways to enhance the overall usability of our website. Please feel free to offer suggestions and offer feedback by contacting our Customer Service department 415-580-7049 .

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